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Comment: ‚There are no known limits regarding animated adult characters engaged in consensual sexual activites here. Maybe just injuries, death, blood and feces. They are anthropomorphic, yes, but other than that I see no reason why people are so upset about it – constantly referring to that title on this „Super Seducer 3“ forum.
Maybe prejudice.
It seems like a „Conan Exiles“ clone. Nothing special at all, maybe high production values only.

The rejection of this title (Super Seducer 3) has nothing to do with explicit sexual content. The content presented in this series is only vaguely suggestive.

This is no „adult only“ title.

Yes, the series is tagged „mature“ and so on, but this is not the same. You see, all „adult only“ titles are for example prohibited in Germany now – but none out of this series will be.
It’s a political thing. A curator’s standpoint based on marketing decisions regarding public relation, conceived from the platform holders (Valve and others). The regulations regarding FMV sequences established here being a welcome excuse. As plain and simple as that: there may be some instances present here (intrusion, voyeurism – therefore the lingerie is already blurred) which may get this third entry a somewhat higher rating by organizations like thes ESRB but hardly a rejection there. Something being considered sexist may get no approval rating from the public like platform holders, but it’s not something like „pornography“.
So, this is no Dr. Seuss thing either. Otherwise Richard himself would pull it – acknowledging a chauvinist mistake or something.

The problem is much more an incapability in the west, because of those sensibilities, to even get such productions done. To actually get content like this produced. Therefore this production went to Belarus, or the now free „Patent9“ may be coming straight out of Russia.

„Medal of Honor“ (2010) or „Call of Juarez – The Cartel“ (2011) also were considered being racist by a large amount of public opinionators like journalists back then, yet they did’t necessarily get a higher age rating for that. And this is still true, up to this date: even „Call of Duty – Black Ops Cold War“ (2020) is considered being far right by some, engaging in reactionary populism and conspiracy theories. Yet it got the same ratings as the entry in the series the year before did – nothing more because of it.‘ Nachlese

Update 10. März: ‚In late February it was said it may release within the next ten days https://steamcommunity.com/app/929660/discussions/0/3104640350809995618/
In light of recent events in Great Britain, the „journalist“ who once insulted the author of this game in front of millions of people is now accused of spreading „toxic masculinity“ himself. Actually for years now: in fact „intoxicating“ the whole British public with it.
Something the author of this game certainly never endorsed.

So history somehow even proofed him right. Against all odds and bigots.
Yet time’s up and this world is not just. I again doubt it will ever be released here.‘

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